What I’m reading right now

I just finished Moonshifted by Cassie Alexander.  It was my commute book, and it took all week to get through, which is surprising since it’s not that long (~330 pages).

Moonshifted seemed a little different based on the blurb, or as different as urban fantasy with werewolves and vampires can be, which is what prompted me to pick it up when browsing at the bookstore last week.  But UF plot and tropes are pretty standard in the hands of all but the most gifted storytellers.  This isn’t badly written but it also doesn’t stand out in the sea of Other Creature-type books.  Additionally, this book does not stand alone: it’s the second book of the series apparently, and a lot of the MC’s situation is based on repercussions of the first without being well explained IMO.

On cover art:  the front cover has the main character, a nurse, in the 50s style white nurses dress…despite the fact that she never wears one in the book and that they seem mostly used only as Halloween costumes and the wardrobe for slutty nurses in porn.

Edie, the MC, is an urban version of Sookie Stackhouse, except less hung up on sex and being a good Christian, whatever that means.  She’s apparently a magnet for other creatures and pretty much a doormat for her family and loser brother.

There’s some sloppy copyediting, which does not impress.  I especially loved page 84’s “Why God, why” lament.  I’m pretty sure the phrase was meant to be “Why, God, why” given the context (grieving family).  The missing comma makes the question an entirely different can of metaphysical worms.

Next up:  I’m not entirely sure.

Recently wishlisted:  Calculation in Death, even though I’m not sure I actually want to read any more JD Robb at this point.

What I should be reading:  No action letters and other assigned readings for the class on hedge funds that begins on Monday.  I’m not all that interested in this topic, but the other class (forensic accounting) required more basic accounting knowledge than I have according to the course description.  Of course, a colleague is taking it and says no accounting knowledge is necessary at all so I could’ve enrolled.  Too late now, dammit.

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