What I think I know

A mystery author I’ve enjoyed in the past has a new book out, but I’m wibbling about buying a copy.  While I like the author’s voice and style, the set up of the novel seems unlikely and inconsistent with the character as previously established.

The narrator and main character is not a nice person.  She’s a violent woman who has seen and done some brave, daring, crazy things.  As established in earlier books, she has little or no respect for formal law enforcement and is prone to taking “justice” into her own hands in the form of execution.  I have no problem with these things in the context of those books.  But I’m supposed to believe that she is now an FBI agent?  And that a lot of rules were bent to let her become one because she was such a desirable candidate?

That’s just…stretching the bounds of credulity a little far for me.  I’m having a hard time imagining her passing the psych evaluations at minimum.  Beyond that…the FBI agents I’ve known (not many and not well but through work) may be utter badasses beneath their buttoned-down exteriors but they aren’t violent drunks with enough daddy and anger issues to fill a steamer trunk to the brim.

Eh, too many other books out there to read.  Maybe later.  Or maybe not.


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