Feeling ambivalent

An author who pulled her RPF fic, added a sex scene, and did a search and replace to publish is now publishing a sequel.  The sequel, I assume, is not something that had previously been published as fan fiction.  Yet I’m still seriously squicked by the whole process for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the wooden writing, over-reliance on jargon, and mechanical, boring sex.

Unrelated, I now have six 66 qt and seven 56 qt plastic bins full of books in my basement.  Plus two more boxes to donate to the library.  Even so, anyone visiting my home for the first time would think I had a lot of books in my living space:  four full book cases scattered through the living room and spare room, plus my current stack for the 50-page test.  They accumulated over time, some I’ve had since childhood, bit by bit and book by book.  Although I knew I had a lot of them but didn’t realize how many.



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