Book binge

+ Books I’ve purchased in the last couple of weeks, despite my best intentions about book buying in the new year (because I have no will power, and also because Carla Kelly’s trads are worth collecting as they are reissued):

  • The Lady’s Companion by Carla Kelly
  • Miss Whittier Makes a List by Carla Kelly
  • Summer Campaign by Carla Kelly
  • Lady of the English by Elizabeth Chadwick (historical fiction)
  • Contract with Consequences by Miranda Lee (HP)
  • Someone to Love by Addison Moore (NA)
  • The Valentine’s Arrangement by Kelsie Leverich (NA)

~ The house painter, after checking the rooms I want painted, asked me to recommend some smutty books for her…based on the collection of romance novels on my shelves. Uh, okay?  I mean, I’m happy to spread genre love and don’t mind passing on some books to someone directly who has expressed interest instead of dumping more boxes of books on the library and the thrift store.  But I have no idea what her reading tastes are.  *ponders shelves*

– I did not realize that there was a specific verb in Spanish that means to earn a Ph.D.:  doctorarse.

+ And because I’ve been perusing photos, I’ll share inflict one I took a few years ago on blog-readers:

Looking across the Tagus River from Toledo's casco viejo

Looking across the Tagus River from Toledo’s casco viejo



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2 responses to “Book binge

  1. Love the photo! I’ll be going to Madrid for a long weekend Friday after next, and I’ve been wondering whether I should use of the 3 days I’ve got to go to Toledo. I was there the last time I went to Madrid (almost 20 years ago!) and remember loving it.

    • I visited Toledo on a school trip about 20 years ago, and really enjoyed the town when I went back on my own as an adult. The bus back to Madrid (local rather than express) took a lovely, scenic route to make interim stops. And I recall a local bus stopping right outside the train station and going up in a circuit around the old part of town. I really liked the views of the surrounding area and the walk down to the old gate by the river, as well as the museum of mudejar tile work. *sigh* And now I wish I were going back soon.

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