Reading resolutions for 2013

My reading resolutions this year are not grand or ambitious.

First: continue thinning the paper collection.  The 50 page test is helping me clear a fair number from the TBR shelves, as is being brutally honest about re-reads.  In the past, if I liked a book and thought I might want to read it again someday, it went on the shelf, but now it’s going into the recycle/donate box unless it was an A+ read.

Second: get back to writing thoughtful reviews, even if only one per month.  Looking over my archives, I see that my reviews used to be more analytical about language and themes, but they’ve degenerated to “what I liked or disliked”.  There’s nothing wrong with that type of review, but it doesn’t stretch me the same way and I want to get back to the older style.

Third:  try harder to enjoy books having mainstream success.  The big hits of the last few years have not impressed me, and I don’t really care for the YA/NA trend, but I want to feel more enthusiasm for the genre and to try reading the books that everyone is raving about.  (Not Kristen Ashley, though, those books are a mess.)


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