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WordPress is kind enough to prepare a little report telling users about their traffic, stats, etc.  I try NOT to pay attention to that, but one stat — most popular posts — bemuses me.  You never can tell what people will be most interested in, can you?

1.  If you can’t afford an editor, you shouldn’t be publishing — 435 views.  When I first posted this, I was very cranky about the lack of editorial polishing I’d been seeing in epublished books, and the authorial shrugging about readers who quibbled about such immaterial things as spelling, punctuation, etc.  I didn’t expect it to get that much attention.

2.  Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love — 421 views.  This is a review of an erotic graphic novel that I did back in 2010, but it seems very popular.

3.  SBD: Bared to You by Sylvia Day — 167 views.  I didn’t care for this book and made it pretty clear in my post.  But for some reason, web searches on the hero’s penis size and anal sex in the book bring readers to my blog.  I’ve forgotten, was there anal in that book?

4.  Groupon’s Ad Fail — 160 views.

5.  Bear, Otter and the Kid review — 123 views.  Another negative review, which contrasts to the general glowing reviews about this book.  The review was written in 2011, so I’m guessing the traffic is a function of the comparison to the movie Shelter.

6.  BOATK/Shelter comparison — 107 views.  Yes, I thought they were extremely similar.

7.  Barcelona: a city I’m going to want to visit again — 87 views.  My travel summary of my February 2012 holiday.  Had a lovely trip.


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