The intellectual version of brain freeze?

LJ is down for maintenance; normally I would post this sort of thing there but…

~  I just took the final for Fraud & Fiduciary Duty, a class offered this fall. It had 27 questions (true/false and multiple choice) and the exam period was three hours.  I finished in 1:02, even after going back to three that I wibbled about. (I’m still wondering about the use of “guarantee” vs. make reasonable efforts in one of them. They have different meanings to me but I may be hairsplitting.)  Now I’m feeling a little worried about how badly I must have misinterpreted the questions in order to be finished that quickly.

+  Jury duty is done for the year.  On one hand, it was kind of a drag because who really wants to sit in an overheated courthouse next to a smoker with poor hygiene and trudge over to various courtrooms to participate in voir dire only to be sent back to the waiting room again?  Except it’s my civic duty and there’s a piece of me that likes Every Citizen Contributing to the Constitutional Process.  I was in the group of possible jurors for an armed robbery trial, expected to go two days but no later than Friday.  But I was excused by defense counsel…because I sat next to him in various classes for three years (based on alphabetical seating).  

–  Overheard in the jury room:  “I want Tebow to play.  He’s so nice.”  Which. Really?  No.  Just no.  That is not a reasonable measure for a quarterback’s playing time.

~  I’m vaguely entertained by this book title:  God’s Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis by Tom Hickman.

+  Now that my exam is over and holiday prep is mostly finished (not that there was THAT much of it), I have no excuse not to settle down and write my review of O Come All Ye Kinky.


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