This and that from the holiday weekend

+  Browsed at the bookstore on Sunday.  Left with a 2013 planner that I really like.  It’s got 2012 dates too, so I’ve already begun using it.  Much better than the massive 8.5×11 thing from work that weighs a ton and is less than attractive.

+  Was looking for a biography of JFK, An Unfinished Life, based on a review that intrigued me, but ended up buying a new Nordic mystery (the red shoes on the cover sold me) by Kristina Ohlsson and Alison Bechdel’s family memoir, Fun Home.  I’ve paged through Bechdel’s work before but never bought, and am EXTREMELY pleased with this purchase.  The story telling and the drawing are excellent.

~  A review of a newish m/m book sent me to the bookseller for a sample.  When I saw that the publisher was selling the novella for $3.99, I immediately closed that tab.  Seriously?  The story is 68 pages in total; with copyright, blurbs, author bio, etc., it’s probably 60 pages.  For $4?  I don’t think so.  For the same price (or less), I can buy a category novel elsewhere from a known author.  #lostbooksale

😦  I love Carla Kelly’s One Good Turn.  Rereading it in e-format, I still think it is her best work and that Liria Valencia is an amazing character, even though she’s not a POV character.  (Actually, that makes me want to go through Kelly’s backlist and catalog POV, because in my mind it’s usually from the heroine rather than the hero.)  However.  HOWEVER.  The formatting for Kindle is pretty irritating:  most of the time, there is no tilde over the “n” in señor…but not always.  If it was not used at all, I would have chalked that up to a conversion problem, but having it appear occasionally but inconsistently was irritating as hell and sloppy editing for the reissue in a new format.  Which I suppose presumes that anyone at the publisher bothered to check for things like that in the new electronic version of the book.

– I read an F book last week.  Not a DNF, not a D, but an F.  If I had been reading a paperback, I’d’ve torn it down the spine and ripped the pages out to feed to the shredder.  Maybe the author was attempting a contemporary fairytale, but it failed for me as a reader.  Cliche riddled, lacking any significant plot, two Mary Sue or Gary Stu MCs.  Blech.  This is from an author who seems to be very well reviewed and a fan-favorite.  Oh well, different strokes I guess.




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4 responses to “This and that from the holiday weekend

  1. I love Fun Home. So complex and interesting. I gave it to my husband and he ended up writing a paper on it. I knew about her because I had college friends who were huge Dykes to Watch Out For fans, and of course because of the Bechdel test. We have her book about her mother, but neither of us has read it yet.

    I bought a 2013 calendar insert for my Filofax. I have no idea why, really, because I have completely switched over to Google calendar which allows us not to schedule conflicts that create family crises. But I love that elegant paper and red leather object and can’t quite bear to admit that it no longer serves a purpose in my life.

    • I use Outlook at work and the calendar app on my phone for meetings and appointments, but still find a paper planner to be useful. I take notes on it in a way that I don’t with the electronic version.

      I didn’t know about the Bechdel test as such, although my sister and I often complain about women in Hollywood films. Am looking forward to reading more Bechdel.

  2. rosario001

    I think Carla Kelly tends to do more of the hero’s than the heroine’s POV. That’s the impression I have when I think back about her books, anyway. I didn’t actually remember that Liria didn’t get POV scenes in One Good Turn, but it doesn’t particularly surprise me to hear it (agree about it being her best work, BTW, and it’s also my favourite of hers).

    RE: the ñ: it probably wouldn’t bother me particularly, as I’m kind of used to just glossing over inconsistent usage. I’ve got several Spanish-speaking friends who live abroad, and they take varied approaches to the lack of ñ on non-Spanish keyboards. Some just use the n, some use “ni”, some go all Portuguese and use “nh”.

    • Hmm, my favorite Kelly books are told almost entirely from the heroine’s POV. That must be skewing my memory of her work?

      Omitting the ñ entirely would’ve been noted and then ignored as a conversion/font blip not worth comment. Inconsistency seems sloppy and unprofessional. Just a pet peeve.

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