Audiobooks I’ve bought lately

Audible is going to bankrupt me.  Most recent downloads:

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance — I’m very curious about Grover Gardner’s interpretation of Ivan after book upon book of being the voice of Babbling Mad Miles.  His version of Roic in Winterfair Gifts was passable, so I’m expecting good things.

Dragon Blood — liked Joe Manganiello’s Wardwick of Hurog voice, expect more of the same here.

Midnight Riot — Am not sure what to expect here.  The book’s narrator has a very distinctive voice that comes through to readers, it’ll be interesting to see what/how the audiobook narrator does.


I have not bought any of the books on semi-annual sale.  After paging through a couple of categories, I found nothing that thrilled so I wandered off to search by author (not found, I think no audio versions exist).



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2 responses to “Audiobooks I’ve bought lately

  1. I only started listening to audiobooks recently, but I’ve become completely addicted. My library system has quite a few, and relatively new releases as well (including the second in the Aaronovitch series, which I’ve now borrowed), so I’ve been relying on them. I fear to think what will happen when I’ve exhausted their supply, though.

    BTW, do you listen to romance as well? I’m kind of reluctant, mainly because I find the idea of someone reading sex scenes (almost acting them out, sometimes!) a bit icky. I’ve been reading mysteries and general fiction. I’d like to give romances a go, though. Are there any particular narrators / titles you think are particularly good?

    • The only romance audiobook I’ve tried so far is Lanyon’s Fair Game. It was okay, but suffered for following The Curse of Chalion, which was excellent. The narrator was good but the love scenes were just awkward-sounding…and Lanyon’s aren’t extended or explicit. I’ve been hesitant to try audiobooks of traditional romance authors out of fear that love scenes that aren’t purple on the page might sound so in the audio.

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