Once again…

Once again, I’m failing on the reading front.  Nothing appeals.  The two books I’ve managed to finish lately were…pedestrian, maybe, at best.  Not bad enough to warrant deleting and then requesting a refund from Amazon, but not interesting enough to stick in my mind or merit a review.

I did download a contemporary from Samhain Publishing the other day after my tweet stream raved about it — Cherrie Lynn’s Leave Me Breathless.  It seemed like the hero at least would appeal.  He’s bald, tattoo’d and pierced — I blame Picard for part of that fixation, otherwise the attraction of body mods is all me.  But no.  It’s wank material at best IMO.  Bored bored bored, don’t care about the characters outside the bedroom, even after giving the author 100 pages worth of time to make me care.  Next?

The bright spot in my reading was Jordan Castillo Price’s very short PsyCop story, In the Dark.  Price is a hit or miss author for me: her Petit Morts and Channeling Morpheus series are meh to me, but the PsyCop series is a keeper and I’ve got Magic Mansion saved as a potential slump-solver (perhaps it’s time to open it?).

Of interest on the reading front, Carla Kelly has blogged about her gradual backlist reissues as ebooks and her tentative plans for future books.  Her perspective on One Good Turn is interesting, because that really is the book that drew me to her work — after reading it, I had to find her backlist.




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