Is that (genre) romance? is having its semi-annual sale.  Being a book hoarder in any/all formats, I checked it out even though I’ve got several unlistened-to audiobooks still and have no spare memory on my iPod until I delete a couple of books.  Browsing by category, I noticed that on the first page of “romance” audiobooks, I noticed that 15 of the 20 books involve vampires or werewolves.  Of those, seven are by Kelley Armstrong…whom most readers would not characterize as a romance author.  Rom-readers enjoy the romantic threads of her books, but the relationship is generally not the focus of any of the books.  Well, except for Bitten maybe?  But even that doesn’t really fall into the genre romance definition.  Her Otherworld series is urban fantasy or horror; any relationship involved is a subsidiary to the larger fantasy/horror plot, even that of Elena and Clay.

Who selected these categories?


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