Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? –  Steppenwolf’s production is excellent:  the acting and the staging.  And yet I spent a fair amount of the play thinking about getting up and leaving.  George and Martha are so miserable toward one another and to Nick and Honey that it felt almost like watching reality television.  You know, where “contestants” constantly try to one-up each other and make each other uncomfortable in order to win points and remain on the show.  Line by line, there was a lot of black humor, and yet…  Not sorry to have seen the new production but also still no one of my favorite plays.

Dead Accounts — Theresa Rebeck’s new play.  Some of the stuff the lead actor was doing seemed playful and experimental, like he’s still figuring out the role, which makes sense since the show is still in previews.  The lead, Norbert Leo Butz, is incredible; the rest of the cast is good.  Katie Holmes, playing Lorna, the sister, is a little wooden and one-note, but I couldn’t tell if that was her acting or the way the character was written.  The play is a morality tale about the literal and metaphysical distance between New York City and so-called middle America, and the steps away from basic lessons of morality and humanity that we learn as children but eventually seem to forget as adults.  More Rebeck on Broadway, please?


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