Marketing tips from a misanthrope

Okay, authors, here are some marketing tips from a voracious reader who is also a misanthrope (who has seen all of this stuff recently):

1.  If your Twitter account and your blog are scattered with poor grammar, punctuation, and misspelling that isn’t clearly a function of auto-correct, then you’re making a poor impression.  (Ex: cameo misspelled as camio is just wrong and not a function of either fat fingers or auto-correct.)  Given declining editing standards, how can I tell whether your book (especially self-published books) will be better than your other public output? I can’t, so I won’t bother to check your work out, no matter how charming you may seem online.

2.  If your main link at a forum or message board is to a Facebook page, the link is wasted and my time has been too: automatically you’re lumped into the FB sheep category.

3.  Slut shaming doesn’t make me want to read your books either.

ETA:  #4.  If you are going to write a book in which your MC is an FBI agent or a CIA operative of some sort, you may want to do some research into the jurisdiction of your chosen law enforcement agency.  LEAs aren’t interchangeable and have varying authority to act depending upon location, activity, etc.

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