*crickets chirp*

Normally I would post a “recently read” rundown right about now, since I’ve been quite on the blog for the last week.  Except I don’t have anything that I’ve newly recently read.

I am in the process of re-reading Tigerland, so I can write a coherent review; mostly I just want to gush about Simon as POV character.

On the audiobook front, I finished listening to Bujold’s A Civil Campaign:  the narrator lived up to my expectations, and I laughed and smirked at appropriate places, which earned me strange looks from my fellow commuters and gym occupants.  Despite Greg Wise’s mellifluous voice, The Portrait of Dorian Gray is…not very engaging.  But then, I feel ambivalent about Oscar Wilde and tend to like his plays better than any of his other work.  I’m eyeing the Peter Grant urban fantasy books at Audible, but I don’t *need* them since I have paper editions. Right?

Work is cancelled tomorrow in light of Hurricane Sandy, so perhaps I’ll have something new/smart/fascinating/provocative to say then.  I’ll buckle down and read, and also do more weeding of the book collection.


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