Not interested

My dashboard tells me that I’m still getting a trickle of traffic from people who are interested in the Sylvia Day version of the 50 Shades train wreck, and that it ticked up this week.  Because of the release of the second book of the series, I’m assuming.

I’m not reading it.  More power to anyone who wants to read it, but I thought the pair of them needed therapy and to be forcibly separated rather than any faux HFN/HEA that seems destined to end in either divorce court or in perpetual couples’ counseling.


And from tumblr:



I just love thar Tumblr’s problem with 50 Shades of Grey isn’t “my goodness, it’s so pornographic!” but instead “oh my god this is the worst written porn I’ve ever read am I allowed to send this author some choice livejournal entries so she can improve her style”

#We are the largest gathering of literary pornography snobs

(Source: deathtiel, via larryisforealzzies)

YES! EXACTLY THIS!  (based on the ~20 pages I attempted to read)


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