Added to the TBR

The Princess of Burundi by Kjell Ericksson.  Swedish thriller.  I wasn’t planning on buying this but the trade paperback was on sale for $9.99 (plus 10% off).

The Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch.  Victorian mystery.  Same as above.

Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George.  Paranormal YA mystery, first of a series.


Realized that the thing I loved best about Ben Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant series is the very distinct voice of the narrator and its very specific sense of place:  the books are jammed full of the history and geography of London, and Peter is a Londoner born and bred.  It’s urban fantasy and one review calls it a cross between Harry Potter and CSI, which is kind of true but also not, because it’s really unlike anything else I’ve read. (Not that I’ve read that widely.)  Magic exists next to mundane, as in Harry Potter, but it’s a different type of magic-work; and to call what Peter and his governor, Nightingale, do forensics is really not right — they are detectives, the same as other detectives, just using slightly different means.  Still, I love the series.




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4 responses to “Added to the TBR

  1. Yes, yes, yes re. Peter Grant books and sense of place. I love that. In some ways, I think the book I’ve read that is most like it is not another UF (though I haven’t read a lot of that) but Zadie Smith’s White Teeth.

    • Makes note of White Teeth.

      I keep trying to start a serious review (well, as close to a “review” as I come anyway) but nothing comes out other than a bunch of passages that I’ve highlighted and my incoherent glee and wish for more of the series.

      Really bad things happen in the books, but they aren’t grim, because Peter’s perspective isn’t dour, even though he’s got the traditional copy’s skepticism. Magic does that, perhaps?

  2. rosario001

    Elizabeth George? The Elizabeth George who writes the Lynley mysteries? That’s probably the last author in the world I’d expect to see writing a YA paranormal!

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