Subject vs. object pronouns

Okay, look, the proper usage of “Name and I” versus “me and Name” or “myself and Name” is not that difficult.  Every time I see an author, aspiring, self-published, or otherwise published, use “Name and I” inappropriately, I cross that writer off my list of potential authors-to-try.  Because if they can’t figure that out, what other grammar butchery will I encounter in their writing?

Yes, it sounds more formal and “correct” than “me and Name” but that’s not the point and sounding correct isn’t the same as being the correct usage.  That’s called hyper-correction, I believe.  They are different parts of speech, and the usage is not a function of being or sounding more formal.


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2 responses to “Subject vs. object pronouns

  1. I just saw a tweet that made me stop and wonder the same thing on the same subject: is it overthinking and overcorrection or just not knowing the correct way to do it? Even knowing the rules, I’ve second-guessed myself into error before (though I’ll usually go look it up if I’m wavering on a grammatical issue.) I’ll usually give the benefit of the doubt … unless I see it used repeatedly.

    • I give the benefit of the doubt if it’s a one time thing, especially on Twitter. But if I see it more than once or if it is in what appears to be a thoughtful blog post then I’m less likely to give it a pass. The usage prompting this post was by an author who appears to be a serial abuser; as much as I appreciate her Internet persona, I can’t bring myself to read her books. Things that I can give a pass to in tweets and blogs make my head want to explode when I encounter them in books I’ve paid for.

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