Cook’s Illustrated magazine

A while back I tweeted that I love Cook’s Illustrated magazine.  I don’t cook a great deal, especially in the summer, nor am I a foodie, but their magazine is worth cover price and is a bargain via subscription IMO.  There are a few recipes that I use semi-regularly, like the perfect chocolate chip cookie, which is included in their new best recipes magazine.  And the simplified cassoulet. Someday I may even feel tempted to make the full-on traditional version.  Maybe? Probably not.  But I *could* do it, using CI as a handy-dandy guide.

More than the straight-forward cooking instructions, I love the narratives included with each recipe, talking about their experimentation and development of the recipe they’ve published or diversion from the standard recipes.  And the tests of different brands of various pieces of cooking/kitchen accessories are helpful and informative, too.  Someday I’ll need to have one of those thingamabobs in my kitchen, and I’ll know exactly which brand to buy and why it’s either a bargain or worth every penny of the seemingly exorbitant price.

Thinking about food writing reminds me of how much I enjoyed Anthony Capella’s The Wedding Officer and its food.  If I could find my copy, I might re-read it…


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