July’s reading

Looking over my reading, I’m trying to figure out if I forgot to record some books.  Must check the calendar — there must be a reason I skipped nearly a week without a single new book read…

It was a suspense/action/mystery-oriented month.

1.  Private Wars by Greg Rucka.  Action/suspense, first book of the Queen & Country series.  A.

2.  Queen & Country: Operation Broken Ground.  Graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Steve Rolston.  First Q&C publication of any sort, I think.

3.  Between Boyfriends by Michael Salvatore.  Gay lad lit.  Meh.

4.  Lessons for Survivors by Charlie Cochrane.  Gay mystery, Edwardian set.

5.  Indian Maidens Bust Loose by Vidya Samson.  Indian chick lit.  Liked it enough that I’ll try her YA book next.

6.  Call Me Princess by Sara Blaedel.  Mystery/suspense.  Really liked this book.

7.  Queen & Country:  Operation Storm Front.  Graphic novel by Rucka, et al.

8.  Queen & Country Declassified:  Sons & Daughters.

9.  Queen & Country: Operation Dandelion.


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