Limited capacity

I participated in a meme over at LiveJournal in which I posted something that made me happy every day for eight days.  And while doing so, I stopped posting here.  Perhaps I’ve only got a limited number of blog posts per week in me and I used them all up over there?  That seems Not Right, but I have no other excuse.

Oh, wait, yes, I do!  Haven’t posted here lately because NOTHING held my interest, in terms of reading, so I had not bookish posts to share.  Except I’ve gotten over that (knock on wood) and finished two books in the last few days, with a third book waiting for me even as I tap-tap-tap away here.

They weren’t keepers, but since I managed to finish them despite flaws, I’ll try to write something tomorrow night.


Unrelated:  I’ve promised to write a primer on the Vorkosigan series for a colleague.  How on earth does one explain Miles Vorkosigan without seriously spoiling the entire series?



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2 responses to “Limited capacity

  1. I really need to get back to the Vorkosigan series. I’ve read a couple of them and really liked them.

    • I have enjoyed the whole series, but definitely think some books are better than others. I think maybe the Aral-Cordelia books, and Miles’ Regency-like romance in A Civil Campaign are my favorites, although each book has a few scenes that I love to re-read.

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