Welcome to my parlor

Back when I blogged at LiveJournal, I never had an idea which posts were popular, aside from the volume of comments.  Which is not a particularly reliable measure, I’m thinking.  One of the things WordPress offers is a stat page.  I try to ignore it, because my goal is to blog for myself first, with any online interaction being a bonus.  But sometimes, the little ticker at the top of the page goes crazy, and it’s usually over posts that I never imagined would gather much interest.

My off-hand criticism of what I perceived to be Groupon’s sloppy Father’s Day had a huge amount of traffic the day I posted it, the highest traffic I’ve ever had.  For a short post that I spent maybe two minutes composing.

My review of Otter, Bear and the Kid still gets periodic traffic, presumably people visiting via DearAuthor’s posts or TeddyPig’s.  Same for the follow up post comparing it to Shelter.

And lately, somewhat oddly, my post on the erotic graphic novel, Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love, has gotten a fair amount of traffic, coming up on a search either for the title or for variations of erotic graphic novel.

I spent some time and thought on those last two posts, but they are by far not the most thoughtful posts I’ve ever written, nor are they what I would select if someone asked me for either my favorite post or the “best” post I’ve ever written.



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2 responses to “Welcome to my parlor

  1. I have long given up trying to figure out what type of post will get comments. Sometimes you spend ages crafting a post that you are proud of and get nothing in response and yes, then there are the two minute posts that people really connect with.

    • That sounds about right! I don’t worry much about comments (except spam), mostly because I think the advent of Twitter and other more immediate social media has lessened the likelihood of commenting. But the traffic still perplexes me. I guess it’s all just random.

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