Please let me direct your attention

+  It’s the Fiesta de San Fermín.  (How do I get the accent to work when I’m typing directly in WordPress?)  Check out this gorgeous photo by Mike Randolph.  No bulls or crazy running men, but a lot of San Fermines gathering.  Time has a slideshow, but none of the photos are as good IMO.

~  Is it appropriate for tattoos to be considered in a visa or LPR application when those tattoos are traditionally affiliated with criminal gangs?  The WSJ writes about it today.

–  The last few episodes of NYC-22 that were filmed are being aired by CBS and then made available for viewing online (not sure how long that’ll last).  I feel somewhat ambivalent about the show (unoriginal) as a whole but am entertained by Stark Sands in the Crossing the Rubicon episode:  shout out to Tunny?  He and Adam Goldberg have great chemistry, and I love how they break out a Sharpie to draw tattoos on McLaren when he reveals that he’s an ink-virgin.

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