SBD: what I’ve read lately

Given the terrible weather (100+ for a week straight) and the resulting cloistered life, you’d think I read more.  But no, the reading has been limited, mostly because nothing (reading or otherwise) has held my attention.  Maybe I’m developing ADD later in life?  Or am just bored.  Probably boredom is the more realistic answer.

Queen & Country, volume 1:  Operation Broken Ground.  Graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Steve Rolston.  (2001).  Picked this up because it’s the predecessor to Rucka’s Q&C novels, which I’ve liked so far.  The intro to this, written just after 9/11/01, is pretty harshly critical both of television and the writers of other spy novels, both honest and a lot less friendly that I’m accustomed to in intros, but maybe that’s a function of different media?  Enjoyed the intro to Tara Chace and am looking forward to getting hold of the other volumes — have three on hand, will be hunting the others down.

Between Boyfriends by Michael Salvatore.  The gay fiction equivalent of chick lit.  Not sure which reviewer in my feed-reader recommended this book.  It was a quick, fun read, but in a lot of ways it was pretty unoriginal.  Take any chick lit novel written at its heyday, change the narrator from an approaching 30 woman to an early 30s gay man, and  you’ve got this book.  There’s more sex — it’s open about that, which I appreciated; I hated how celibate most chick lit heroines and their friends were, as if sex is a bad thing — and actually more catty behavior, but the search for love, dealing with break-ups and insecurities, the circle of friends, all of it is pretty much the same.  That’s not to say this is a bad book — and I enjoyed it in much the same way that I enjoyed Battleship, as summer fluff.


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