Afterthought on Shooting at Midnight

Found my notes on Shooting at Midnight, they are more articulate (I think) than what I wrote the other day:

Feel very ambivalent about this book.  Not because of the heroine per se:  she’s a strong, asskicking main character, independent, flawed.  But on a personal level, her fatal flaw is one that I struggle to find sympathy for (she’s a junkie).  It’s hard to make even an ex-junkie sympathetic to me, because addiction is hard to overcome, even on a daily basis.  And her character is set up to fail from the start, based simply on who she is:  she has isolated herself intentionally, without a support network.  And her choices and judgment weren’t trustworthy; even before she was back on drugs, she was flaky and undependable, and I never believed the reason she sacrificed everything was abiding friendship, more like an excuse.  Also, ultimately, she’s a criminal and a cheat, and her willingness to get her killer friend off was just another example of extreme loyalty grown in a drug culture.


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