Top 3 Nora Roberts books?

The ladies over at Breezing Through have begun (or adopted from one of their individual blogs) a Top 3 meme — listing the 3 favorite books from a particular author.  And they began with Nora Roberts, queen of contemporary romance.

It was a lot harder than I expect to narrow my favorites down to three.   Given her huge backlist (100+ books in print), maybe I should not have been so surprised.

After an initial scan of all the books I liked enough to consider keepers,  I had to be ruthless.  Technically, the Eve Dallas books aren’t by Nora Roberts but by JD Robb, so Naked in Death was culled from the list even though it is my absolute favorite.  But it was published under  a pseudonym, not under her NR name.  And then I made myself pick the absolute favorite single title from my favorite trilogies or series.   In the end, it all came down to characters rather than plot.

Montana Sky — Ben and Willa made this book, along with the setting, which felt very original at the time.

Born in Fire — Maggie is an unapologetic bitch, and I like that about her.  Rogan is the prototype for Roarke.

Midnight Bayou — Declan Fitzpatrick + gender swap FTW!

Other honorable mentions:

  • The Chesapeake Series, especially Rising Tides
  • The Search
  • The rest of the Born in Series
  • Northern Lights
  • Luring A Lady (old SSE category)


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5 responses to “Top 3 Nora Roberts books?

  1. rosario001

    Hah, mine are pretty much the same. Born in Fire and Midnight Bayou are definites, and if you count JD Robb, my third would also be Naked. If you don’t, my third would be either Birthright, or one of the Chesapeake Bay books (although in my case, it would be either Sea Swept or Inner Harbor).

    • I know a lot of people love Sea Swept, and I do like it, but something about Ethan appeals to me more than Cam or Phillip. Also, I remember finding the heroine of Inner Harbor to be problematic, although I’m not sure why or if I would feel the same today if I re-read it. Is Birthright the archaology book? *pokes at hazy memory of the huge backlist*

      • That’s it, the one where the heroine finds out she was stolen from her birth family as a baby. I don’t know why I love it so much!

  2. My top Nora books:
    I read Montana Sky and I remember loving it but can’t remember a thing about it right now and I’m counting J.D. Robb 🙂

    1. Naked in Death
    2. Rapture in Death
    3. Born in Ice

    The Heart of Devin McKade

    • Naked in Death is an all time favorite. For some reason, though, I seldom re-read Rapture. Except for the scene where Eve nearly cons Roarke into singing.

      I loved the MacKade books when I first read them, but they didn’t age well for me. Also, her new trilogy feels like a rehash of the MacKades in some ways.

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