Nothing to see here, move along

1.  Check out the first rough draft of the next Kate Daniels’ book by Ilona Andrews, posted as part of a bribe.

2.  I’ve found the links and articles posted by The Arabist to be very helpful in giving a less western-oriented MSM perspective on political events in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East.

3.  Have you checked out Courtney Nguyen‘s reporting on the French Open in Beyond the Baseline for SI?  She loves and knows tennis, it’s clear in her writing, but her voice is fresh and irreverent, which is welcome among some of the more conservative sport journos (Neil Harman, I’m looking at you). 

4.  La Tienda has a post up on coffee in Spain.  Personally, I don’t drink much coffee unless it’s been ruined adulterated diluted almost beyond recognition by a great deal of milk and sugar, but I have been known to enjoy a morning cafe con leche while on vacation in Madrid or Barcelona.  (FWIW, the blog post is also available in Spanish.)

5.  Dear author:  why would you have someone drive from Baltimore to Dulles to catch a flight to New York?  That’s an hour drive at best and closer to two at worst.  Government employees traveling from Baltimore to NY would either fly out of BWI or take the Acela, which drops you in midtown in 2 hours.  In a pinch, they might fly out of Reagan, maybe.  But Dulles? No.




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2 responses to “Nothing to see here, move along

  1. I’m not a coffee drinker. I enjoy tea very much though. 🙂
    I’ve been collecting the Andrews series. Right now I am as you know enjoying crime fiction for the last two years now. When will my interest wane? 🙂 I miss reading other stuff though like YA or romance.

    • I prefer tea generally. Whenever there’s a group trip to Starbucks at work, I go to be social, and get a glass of their green tea.

      Crime fiction seems to have a great variety, and in some ways a broader or deeper backlist that’s not OOP.

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