A happy day

Tomorrow is the opening day of the French Open, which is perhaps my favorite major tennis tournament.  [Well, actually, they are all my favorite as they approach.  I’m fickle that way.]  So to celebrate, I’m inflicting Roland Garros or tennis related things on the interwebs.

1.  I’m entertained by the idea that I could buy a little pot of clay as a souvenir, or even a key chain with a bit of the terre battue.

2.  ESPN has coverage starting at 5am EST tomorrow, along with multiple channels on DirecTV and additional coverage on the Tennis Channel.  Just in case you were wondering if it might be available in your area.  #sleepisfortheweak

3.  As @TennisSavesMe pointed out, it’s LOL-worthy that Tio Toni’s bag gets monogrammed, too.  But I’m a little sad the “Tio” is not included.

4.  Vamos, Rafa!  And the whole Spanish Armada, of course.

Looking pretty smiley — so practice went well?
Via @TennisSavesMe


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