No SBD Monday

I have book-related stuff to say, but I’ve stuffed myself to the gills with a gyro pita and am entirely too full and sleepy to be coherent.  Tomorrow, I think.

Instead, I’ll share with you my new favorite earrings.  I bought them at a vendor’s stall in the cathedral square in Barcelona; they seemed kind of Kandinsky-like.  Not my favorite artist, but I really liked the colors.


Earrings purchased February 2012
Street festival in Barcelona’s cathedral square

I never have a consistent plan of what to bring back as a travel memento.  Take photos and save ticket stubs, but then I procrastinate about putting together a scrapbook.  I’ve got some gorgeous pottery from Hawaii, Canterbury, and Barcelona now, pottery that is actually useful and useable — microwave and dishwasher safe.  I’ve got probably a good dozen prints and engravings dating back years (to pre-Katrina New Orleans through Barcelona) that I need to have framed — but I lack wallspace and a consistent framing scheme.  Somehow, the earrings and other jewelry I’ve collected, all costume and not of any great value beyond the sentimental, gets worn.



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2 responses to “No SBD Monday

  1. The earrings are cute!

    • Thank you 🙂 They are a little louder than my normal taste (plain hoops or studs), but they caught my eye and have just kept growing on me.

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