Adventures in public transportation and pedestrian motion

+  I’ve signed up for the Planned Parenthood 5K run.  I’ll be walking though.  I only run when I’m late for the bus or train.

+  You should check out the adventures of Beth as she prepares for a 100 mile charity bike ride.  Inspired by her posts, I’ve rented a bike from my local bike shop (haven’t owned a bike in years, only ride at the beach) and am contemplating buying a used bike.  Maybe.

– What did I do to my ankle?  I don’t remember wrenching it, but clearly I’ve aggravated my old ankle injury (the result of my cat trying to kill me, tripping me as I walked down the stairs), because it is grossly swollen.  Elevated and iced.

~  Walked around the World Trade Center last night.  The memorial pools are quite lovely, and I’m curious to see how the museum turns out.  Our NY regional office used to be located in the WTC complex (not in the towers) and had to relocate; it’s pretty unlikely that the office will move back, given the build out in the “new” space we leased.  I’m curious about the rental terms and incentives that will be offered for new tenants.  Surely there’s some cachet and it’s prime real estate, but the tenants of the original buildings have moved on and I wonder how many of them are interested in coming back.

Lesson learned:  the Newark Airport Hilton isn’t really close to anything.  Not even the airport.  All the hotels near the train station were booked, the hotel closest to the meeting was not great, and our travel office wouldn’t authorize a hotel in Manhattan since the meeting was in NJ.  I thought: it’s a Hilton, how bad can it be?  The hotel is fine…but the shuttle to the AirTrain to the train station then on to the Path train to get to the meeting was a little ridiculous.  Considering my usual commute, that’s saying something.  Also, the morning shuttle fills up very quickly, which is not good.  (The 6am was full already when I arrived at 5:45.) I might stay there again if I ever fly out of Newark but not for any other purpose.

+  After the meeting, I had a few hours to kill before my train home.  Told my boss I was going to do some shopping.  I think he thought Macy’s.  No, I went to The Strand instead 🙂

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