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+ A collection of previously published novellas by Carla Kelly has been published by her new (non-mainstream romance) publisher, Cedar Fort.  I thought I’d read all of her novellas before, but there is one that I hadn’t encountered.  At $2.51, the three novellas are a bargain compared to the cost of the print backlist.

~  Have I been an observer of the romance publishing industry (and publishing generally) too long?  A couple of recent posts written by people I thought were long-timers ponder things that I thought were common knowledge or generally understood.   An author blogged recently about the relative size of her name on the cover of her new Harlequin Historical regency novel.  I dunno, it seemed a little disingenuous for someone who has published several books with H/MB that their titles are fairly standard and seldom reveal much of use about the contents of the book and that many categories are sold based on line or author alone.  And elsewhere in my feed reader (apologies, I can’t find the blog to link now) another blogger mentioned learning only recently (2010) that the decision to move to hardback was not one in which an author usually has any input.  Really?  Hasn’t this been discussed by author after author as their books or series gained success?  I can recall Nora Roberts addressing this years ago when the In Death books moved to hardcover.  Eh, I feel jaded and old.

+ David Simon, former reporter and and TV-writer/producer of The Wire, Treme, Homicide, and Generation Kill, has begun to write at his long held but unused website.  (via Media Bistro).

~Sports in romance: I love and hate it.  Read the sample of a m/m novel (ridiculously priced, which is one strike) whose characters are baseball players.  In some ways, the sample showed a lot of baseball knowledge.  Yet in other ways, it was a little off.  Or maybe I just think it’s off and my understanding of baseball is off.

~ When I saw the cover for Suzanne Johnson’s urban fantasy novel, Royal Street, I did a double take because I first saw the author’s name as Susan Johnson and wondered when the Old School romance novelist had moved into UF.  Uh, no, different author.

– When did 35,000 words become “novel” length?  That’s…more like a novella in my mind.  When I searched for standard novel lengths, this interesting post came up, among others.  Pretty uniformly the various websites indicate that a standard novel length is over 50,000, and anything less is a novella.  Is this word inflation?  Maybe.  Of course, the e-publisher whose definitions prompted this check is one of the pricier e-publishers; knowing they charge $6.99 for an ebook that is half the length of an HP is disenchanting.

~  While looking at various holiday resorts, I ran across The Towers at Mullett Bay.  Now, I know that the word has and had other uses historically.  But all I can imagine is a harbor full of be-mulletted men now: not the image I want for a vacation.  😛




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8 responses to “Bits and bobs

  1. Thanks for the link to David Simons website! I see he even answers some of the comments. Must say that I love your travel posts. You seem to travel a lot. I hope to one day do the same. Sports and romance – I can take or leave them. As for being an observer of content on the Internet, I’m with you. A lot of content is recycled for a new generation. I’ve just skipped those conversations as they add nothing new. Hope you’re doing well and reading something good.

    • I meant to tweet the link directly to you, thought you’d be interested 🙂

      Travel is something I never did as a kid, really, and only started to do as an adult in the past few years. I love my home and don’t want to relocate permanently (right now, at least) but have developed itchy feet and a desire to see more of the world. In terms of travel on my immediate horizon, I’ve got nothing major planned. I’ve signed up for some travel review sites, which is how the Mullett Bay resort came to my attention.

      My reading is somewhat stalled at the moment. It’ll get back on track soon, I hope. How about you? Did you see the Edgar winners? jmc be checking them out or have you read any already?

      • Re the Edgar awards I was quite shocked at one of the winners, Gone by Mo Hayder. I’ve never been a big fan of hers but I do have that book and will give it a shot. The rest – none I care to read really with the exception of the YA mystery novels. I just finished a book called The Pledge that’s set in Switzerland and hope to review it next week.

  2. LOL, I read the beginning of your paragraph “When I saw the cover for Suzanne Johnson’s urban fantasy novel, Royal Street,…” and did the exact same double take!

    35K is definitely a novella, and I would resent paying $5, much less $6.99 for it.

    • Exactly! I knew Johnson had been writing contemporaries, but would’ve been shocked by the idea of her switching to UF, which seems completely outside her wheelhouse to me.

  3. I started the baseball book last night (I think it’s the same one). I like the author’s voice and writing and really want to like this book (I so love sports romances). But the first couple of chapters niggled at me too. I know it’s a romance, and authors have to straddle the line between sports nuts and sports-phobic readers, but the emphasis on making googly eyes at each other just seemed off. I’m going to keep reading, but I don’t know if I’ll love it the way other reviewers have.

    • Sorry, meant to reply to Keishon, different reply for you, VM!

      Do you think you might review the baseball book? If not, please let me know if the googly eyes and niggles improve as the book goes along.

      • I’m about 25% of the way through. It would help if the older guy didn’t make me think of Don Mattingly. Not sexy in my book. Telling/showing balance is not good either. And yet, I keep reading.

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