Sunday evening

Sunday evening always seems like a wistful sort of stretch of time to me.  The weekend is ending, so no more relaxation, and it’s time to gear up for the week ahead.  Dinner made and cleaned up, lunches for the week planned and/or packed, wardrobe planned so I’m not staring vacantly at a godsawful hour in the morning and wondering what I ought to wear and do I have any meetings that make a suit more appropriate than business casual.

What I read this weekend:  not much fiction.  Did finish Gravitational Attraction by Angel Martinez, a m/m science fiction novel; the sci-fi worked well but the romance aspect was too tell-tell-tell and fated mate for me.

Saw on Twitter that New Approaches to Popular Romance Fiction is available for Kindle at $9.99, which is a much more attractive price than the $40 paperback.

Oddly, Ahmed Rashid’s Descent Into Chaos is not available for Kindle…but the update to it *is* available for $2.99.  WTH, Amazon?  Rashid’s new book on Afghanistan and Pakistan is available, but I’d like to read the other one first, please.

The next K.A. Mitchell book, But My Boyfriend Is, has a page with a blurb and pre-order button already even though it is not due out until August.  Want!  *sigh*  So impatient.


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