Wall of Avila

Medieval wall around the old town center of Avila, Spain.
Taken February 2009.

On my very first trip to Spain in high school, I took a similar photo.  The negative for the other photo is long gone and I don’t have an electronic version to share, just he 8×10 hanging in my living room.  Anyway, I had the original photo hanging on the wall in my office at my first “grown up” job; an attorney who leased space admired the photo on day and mentioned that he’d been there on his honeymoon in 1973 but there hadn’t been a footpath worn in the grass at the time.  I think it made him feel old when he realized how long it had actually been since his fondly remembered honeymoon.  (His wife was in declining health at the time.)

Although the original photo remains my favorite view, I love that in the photos from the more recent trip you can see the development going on in the area outside the center, and that you can climb up and walk along the wall.

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