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If I’m reading but not romance, is it really a slump?  Maybe not.  But I’m missing that feeling that I get when I read a romance novel and then feel the need to blog or tweet about it immediately, to squee to other readers that they have got to read this book right now!  The books I’ve read weren’t bad but they just didn’t inspire me as a reader.

The Rebuilding Year by Kaje Harper is a m/m contemporary that feels a lot like a Harlequin Super Romance except with two heroes rather than hero and heroine.  It fits a lot of HSR’s parameters:  slightly older characters, settled in their lives and/or rebuilding, at least one divorced with children and a custody issue.  There’s a suspense subplot tacked on in a really awkward way:  it contributes little or nothing to the story, and takes page space that might better be devoted to resolving the family issues or addressing the Gay4U issue…because both men are ostensibly straight into their thirties until they meet up.  TRY isn’t badly written, it just feels sort of unfinished or unpolished.

I’m sorry to say that almost any romance novel I pick up lately leaves me feeling bored.  Am I romanced out?  I hope not, but in the meantime, nonfiction is working much better for me.  Maybe it’s just working as a palate cleanser and after a few books on linguistics and history, I’ll rebound to romance and other genres with romance threads.  And even if not, I’ve got several Nesbo books TBR, along with two Sarah Tolerance books and several others.

Also on the reading front, I’m somewhat surprised that I managed to pick the final eight books, despite doing pretty poorly in the early rounds of the DABWAHA tournament.  I picked K.A. Mitchell’s Bad Boyfriend to win it all.  Perhaps not a realistic choice, but I picked books I liked (or titles I recognized, since I’d read about 25% of the brackets) rather than going with the conventional wisdom and picking a more mainstream novel.  Maybe I’ll be more pragmatic when picking my second chance tourney brackets…or maybe not.

My translation of the Altair magazine on Peru is going slowly.  It’s a lot simpler to read and comprehend something written in another language than it is to translate it for someone else to read.  Of course, it would go faster if I spent more than ten minutes at a time on it.




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  1. Happy to help with any bits that are causing you trouble to translate. And this is a really useful resource for translation:

  2. You nailed it again: a middling HSR is exactly what The Rebuilding Year feels like. She does a good job with the teenagers, I think, but the Gay4U is, as usual for me, not believable, the suspense plot doesn’t even make sense, and the setting is barely there. And you get these set-piece lectures about tolerance dropped in as if you were watching a 1950s/60s social drama on Broadway.

    You’re doing better than I am in Dabwaha, way to go! Of course, at the moment I believe more than 300 people are doing better than me. Par for the course.

    • I kept waiting for some kind of discussion or acknowledgement of the Gay4U but it is conspicuously absent. It struck me as odd that they both came out to his kids and built a family unit without ever really discussing it — no hint of it even happening off the page.

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