Incoherent travel babble

My body thinks it’s 12:00am but my watch says it’s only 6:00pm. Probably that glass of Jameson’s didn’t help.

Random thoughts about my just-ended holiday:

+ I never thought I’d admit this heresy, but it is true: I may like Barcelona better than Madrid. I’ll need to make multiple trips in order to make a fair comparison 😀

– There’s a lot of political tension in Spain right now, and attention is focused on Greece and the euro and what may happen next to Spain and Portugal. At least, I heard a lot of conversations about it and read a lot of newspapers.

– Compared to the US, Spaniards seem to strike often. Iberia Airlines staff did so two or three times last week, and a taxi driver and other transportation workers are supposed to strike tomorrow.

+ Madrid’s public transport beats Barcelona’s easily. And Spain’s Renfe, particularly the AVE, leave Amtrak looking like a backwards, shabby relative.

+ How many cafes are there per person in Barcelona? And bombonerías? I approve of the chocolate and turrón obsession btw.

– The Puerta del Sol looks naked without the Tio Pepe sign on the roof, looming over the plaza. Taken down for reno, I’d guess, based on the scaffolding of the building.

+ Fanta naranja y limón, how I love you. Yet I only consume you in Spain and don’t miss you otherwise.

– I did not love Rick Steves’ guide and would not recommend it generally. Eyewitness and Lonely Planet have served me much better in the past.

– I also do not love PHL airport, and USAirways made me pretty cranky, too.

~ What does it say about me that I recognized the architecture of the new T4 at Barajas from the Fernando Verdasco GQ photo shoot long before getting confirmation from any signage?

I’ll probably post something more organized tomorrow, and upload photos.

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