Two weeks have never passed so fast or so slow

The hashtag for die-hard tennis fans has been #sleepisfortheweak.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the matches and the first major of the year, I’m ready to retire it for the next 11 1/2 months.  Tonight is the last night of the Australian Open.  Or rather, tomorrow morning is.  I’ll be up at 3am to watch the men’s final.  And then I’ll be able to sleep somewhat normal hours until the European clay court season begins in April; any other insomnia or zombie-like behavior in the interim will be the result of other things.

Am behind on my planned reading and the on-going book purge, although I’ve managed to discard another handful of books.  Have thoughts about how Harlequin categories and their treatment of premarital sex compare to contemporary Harlequin categories, but I haven’t quite worked out in my head what I want to say.

Read a m/m book that made me scratch my head.  Was that romance?  Was it supposed to be?  Was it lad lit?  It sort of relied upon some genre constraints or expectations, but was a mess in other areas.  Short review TBD.

In the meantime, please enjoy the following links.

+  What happens when you give thousands of stickers to thousands of kids.

+ A Federer fan’s perspective on Fedal and the outcome of the first AO semifinal.  h/t C-Note at Beyond the Baseline.

+ The Economist on the simultaneous aging and youth (of the population) of London.

And in anticipation of tonight’s match:


Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images.  Via Nadal News.

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