Links of interest…or not

I keep meaning to do a wrap up post for 2011 but it hasn’t made it from my notes to WP or LJ.  Instead, here are some links that were of interest to me but may be of little or no interest to any of you.

Religion and popular culture:  a short piece comparing Tim Tebow’s ostentatious religiosity with Rafa Nadal’s seeming agnosticism.

Education and economics:  a longer piece published by the ABA Journal on the law school bubble and the way that federally subsidized loans have distorted the economic reality of the profession for potential lawyers.

Shiny pretty:  hand porn from Doha, Qatar.

Political:  my favorite new tumblr, in which the frothy mix’s misogyny and condescension is screen capped. (ReadReactReview)

Other random bits of information:

We Bought a Zoo is not a bad movie, as long as you ignore Scarlett Johanssen’s inability to do anything other than pout and leer.

Crazy Stupid Love…the best parts of it were shown in the trailer, although I did really appreciate Ryan Gosling as a sort of fairy godmother.  The glimpse of the Borders logo on the outside of a building made me feel a little nostalgic, and then the mention of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher as a successful older woman-younger man made the movie feel dated.

The message at the beginning (“this is a rental edition, if you want extra features then buy the BluRay”) fails for me as a movie consumer — I don’t generally care about the extra features, so that sort of marketing/messaging just alienates me.  Note to self: start checking for WB movies, rent only, don’t buy.


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