Pimping books – Lori G. Armstrong

As I mentioned last week, Lori G. Armstrong’s Mercy Kill is on my list of best reads for 2011. Armstrong, who won the 2010 Shamus Award for No Mercy, wrote another Dakota-set mystery series before she began the Mercy Gunderson series: the Julie Collins mysteries. The four mysteries revolve around her search for her Lakota half-brother’s killer; a missing Native American child; a missing Native American woman and what is possibly an illegally covered up burial ground; and a suspicious elder-care facility.

Right now each of the four Julie Collins mysteries is available for Kindle for $3.99 (a good markdown from the $7.99 mmpb price) or as a bundle for $9.99, which is an excellent price IMO. Go check her books out!

(For a non-spoilery summary, check out this post.)


ETA:  I’m noticing a lot of words smashed together in the Kindle for iPhone version.  The wordsmash doesn’t appear to be happening on my Kindle though.  The excessive comma usage is consistent with the over/misuse in the print edition.  (But, or And, etc.)  


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3 responses to “Pimping books – Lori G. Armstrong

  1. I am on my way! to the check out counter.

    • I need to post an ETA to this — I’m seeing a lot of typos, words smashed together, in the Kindle for iPhone version of the books. I’m going to check it on my Kindle and Kindle computer app too, and compare to the typesetting in the books. It’s not as bad as a lot of independent epresses I’ve seen, but it’s a little distracting.

      • What I do with Kindle formatting errors like that is contact Amazon. They will fix these types of errors but I bought my copy from Kobo. I prefer ePub whenever possible.

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