Ho hum

Tomorrow I go back to work full time.  My last full day of work was November 29th.  I worked half days from home last week and went in for a half day on Tuesday to pick up some papers and empty my mailbox (overflowing).  The work from home part was pretty good, mostly because I spent it clearing out and responding to the 700+ emails that accumulated while I was out, as well as the 400+ more that accumulated while I was working part time.  (I wonder sometimes what office work was like before email — did people get more things done?  I feel like email and the expectation of an immediate response are the coupled tyrants who rule my work day.)  Aside from vacations, usually a week at a time, it’s the longest I’ve ever been off work.  And I liked it, once I was feeling better.  Next week, which will likely be quiet as people take off for the holidays or use up their use-or-lose leave, is probably a good week to ease back into things. I hope.

Even working half days, in the last week I’ve read as much or more than I usually do in a month.  That is a good thing, you would think, wouldn’t you?  But I’m wondering.  The last few books I’ve read (mystery, women’s fiction, a holiday anthology) have all been kind of ~meh~ for me.  Not bad but not particularly memorable either.  Three average books in a row wouldn’t bother me normally, but two of the three were written by authors I whose backlists I’ve enjoyed a great deal.  In fact, the holiday anthology is the new Carla Kelly release, and usually anything she writes is a keeper for me.

Am I being too picky?  Is having the leisure to read so much more than usual dulling my enjoyment?  [That last would be odd, considering that I used to read ~300 books per year and am now averaging 120-150.]  Or maybe they just weren’t as appealing to me as Bad Boyfriend, which I re-read and still loved at the beginning of my reading tear.

Who knows?


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