Drive by: HQN SuperRom

Karina Bliss’s Here Comes the Groom got a bunch of good reviews earlier this year, so I picked up a paper copy and then schlepped it around forever in my bag.  After it was sufficiently battered but still unread, I left it on top of a pile of TBR that is the centerpiece of my dining room table.  (Yes, a vase or other decorative tchotchke would be more traditional, but books suit me.)

Anyway, I finally read it yesterday.  Liked it well enough, but was reminded why I don’t read HQN’s SuperRomance line very often:  either they are all about hero(ine)s with kids, or they are issue books (in my experience, YMMV) that I don’t really want to deal with in my fiction reading.

The issues in this book:  dementia of a parent; cancer; small businesses threatened by large conglomerate; post traumatic stress; grief after the loss of loved ones.  That’s a lot of angst to pack into a small book and then work into a believable HEA.  Bliss did a pretty good job, and I would read her other books.  But that particular category line is probably never going to be a favorite or auto-buy for me.

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