Today’s +/-

+  My new passport arrived!

–  The district court jury duty notice also arrived — for the week I’m going to be in Barcelona.  Must write and ask for it to be changed.

+  Most of my holiday shopping is finished, except for my mom, who insists that she doesn’t need anything.

–  When Mom was driving my car the other night, the windshield wipers went on and would not go off.  Turns out the sensor controlling them had died and had to be replaced.

+  Thinned out two bookshelves — still full but not stuffed to overflowing.  Need to get a box for all the In Death books and follow up with @angoris for the mailing address — have the original covers and first editions or print runs for all of them but am passing them on.  More thinning of the collection to come, including a purge of Mt. TBR.



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4 responses to “Today’s +/-

  1. Your post reminds that I need to get my passport. You’re going to Barcelona. Have a most wonderful trip. I need to get a move on. I want to go to Belize and Rome.

    • Oh, Belize and Rome are both on my list of places to visit! Will you post about them once you’ve returned?

      I’m not sure what your time frame is, but the passport processing was really fast — got the new one and the hole-punched old one back within two weeks. The new one feels much heavier and sturdier, but that may just because it hasn’t gotten beaten up by the contents of my travel bag yet 🙂

      • re passport that is fast. I was expecting a longer wait. I am a newbie traveler. I’ve only been to the Virgin Islands. Nowhere (read as outside the US) else since then.Plan to change that though.

      • I was surprised how fast the passport came back, to be honest. But maybe they looked at the travel dates I had listed on the application?

        Y’know, we didn’t travel when I was a kid, mostly because there was absolutely no money for it. Our family vacation was a week at the beach with my grandmother, and my mom joined us on the weekend. Once I became an adult and had a reasonable income, my feet got itchy. I don’t really want to move anyplace else, but I want to see other places. Hadn’t really thought about it much until a couple of colleagues teased me (nicely) about having any travel plans (because I always have travel plans, even if they are a year away) when they were talking about their upcoming vacations.

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