Checking in

For a variety of reasons, my reading has been extremely limited this month, hence the recent silence.  But things are looking up, in part because of the upcoming holiday travel, which lends itself to reading.

On the book front, yesterday a copy of Robert Morrison’s new annotated edition of Persuasion arrived at my house as a gift.  What a gorgeous book! I’ve only read the Introduction so far and the first few pages of the first chapter, but I am quite pleased with it.  The Introduction includes references to a variety of literary criticism of Austen generally, including Woolf’s essay on her, which I found in a collection of essays footnoted in another annotated edition.  More books to look for either at the library or online…

Other interesting things online:

Courtesy of Jessica at ReadReactReview, here’s a nice interview of Nora Roberts in The Guardian.

And here’s a link to a piece in The Economist on Spain’s upcoming election and the new Prime-Minister-to-be’s huge job of rescuing the Spanish economy, and the hopes that he’ll have more success than Berlusconi or Papandreou.

I haven’t read beyond the first Twilight book (meh), nor have I watched any of the movies.  (No, I’m not Team Anything, blech.)  But I appreciated Roger Ebert’s piece, “Heteronormative vampires“.

For tennis fans, the year end finals (in London still for the time being) began today.  The opening doubles match was excellent, and the second one has been good, too, but for me the main event is this afternoon’s (evening there) marquee match up, Rafa Nadal v. Mardy Fish.  For many ATP fans, today’s drinking game will be based on the number of times the announcers refer to Fish’s weight loss, or the fact that Nadal is naturally a righty but plays lefty or maybe about how Djokovic is in his head.  *eye roll*


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