You sell what?

Since today is Release Day and we had some time on my hands, we stopped by Barnes & Noble to look for new releases, the two mentioned in my earlier post (Heart of Steel by Meljean Brook and the new Nora Roberts contemporary).  And I left with…neither book.

Entering the store, the nook display has been displaced, as have the usual “new releases” shelves.  The tables of trade paperbacks had been reduced to a single table.  Going upstairs, the mystery and romance sections have been moved (to the back of the building) and reduced by more than half.  Teen paranormal is now a a large section of its own.  The biography and history section is much smaller, and there’s a huge games/puzzles/toy section right next to the YA shelves.

I was not impressed.

The Roberts’ book was out, but after reviewing the cover copy I felt ambivalent about the book and coming series.  Renovating an inn in Boonsboro, Maryland?  Like Roberts’ just did?  Eh, that seems a little too close to reality and also potentially “see my cool town! sell my cool town!”.  The Brook steampunk was, in theory, on the shelves or an end cap.  But I couldn’t find it and neither could the salesperson handling the helpdesk:  not in romance, SFF, not on the new release table or shelf, nowhere to be found.  #lostbooksale

Here’s the thing:  I went into the store looking to spend at least $30 on books.  And I left with a single book, Jar City by Arnaldur Indridason, a mystery, instead of the books I was looking for.  I want to support my local bricks and mortar store…but it doesn’t seem interested in what I’m looking for as a customer.


After B&N, we saw Anonymous, which was very interesting to someone without a great deal of knowledge of the period.  I know enough to recognize the names and the political tensions, which fed the plot very well.  And Rhys Ifans was excellent as Edward de Vere.  I always associate him with flakier roles (the roommate in that Hugh Grant-Julia Roberts romcom, Xenophilius Lovegood, etc.) but he was terribly good at this dramatic role.  Vanessa Redgrave was brilliant as usual.




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2 responses to “You sell what?

  1. Keishon

    OMG just this past weekend I went to B&N. Looks way different and I don’t like it. The manga section is shortened as are the mystery/romance section. In fact they moved those sections from the back. YA area is more spread out and YA novels are now featured over general fiction (huh, wut?)

    I just read where sales from B& is what is keeping them in the game.

    • It would not surprise me at all if the online sales were the money-maker.

      Manga and graphic novels, along with SF/F are the few things that did not shift.

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