Tuesday! Release day!

It’s Tuesday, meaning new books are being published and sold online and in print today. The two mainstream books I’ve been sort of looking for are Meljean Brook’s new steampunk novel, Heart of Steel, and Nora Roberts’ new contemporary romance. And yet I’ve not hurried out to buy paper copies or download. Maybe this afternoon?

Nothing has shifted on my TBR lately. I haven’t read anything new since glomming the PsyCop series. What is my problem?



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6 responses to “Tuesday! Release day!

  1. I browsed but didn’t buy anything. Nothing grabs my attention. For awhile now I’ve only been reading from my tbr pile as far as romance is concerned. I see nothing new or exciting right now but then I’m old school. As for crime fiction different story. I am really enjoying the mysteries I’ve been reading of late.

    • Most of my romance reading lately has been m/m (all ebooks), with very little elsewhere. I’m just bored.

      I went to the bookstore today with a plan to buy books. I was ambivalent about the Roberts’ book and ended up NOT buying it; couldn’t find the Brook steampunk although the clerk swore it was supposed to be on a display. Ended up buying Jar City based on your recommendation of Indridason’s later book.

  2. Sarah Frantz

    I’m glomming PsyCops too. SO good.

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