Checking in

~  Saw Weekend at the E Street Cinema on Sunday.  It was a sweet romance set over the course of a weekend (although it’s not a romance in the genre sense, FWIW).  There was a lot of dialogue, and the two protagonists were an interesting contrast.  Introvert and extrovert, out and not-so-much.  While the reviews I’d read indicated that for all that it was a gay romance, it wasn’t political, I disagree.  While it wasn’t in your face political, gay marriage and homophobia were persistent themes.  Two thumbs up.

~  Sunita reviewed Among the Living, which prompted me to buy a copy.  Liked it.

~  Read S Before the Ex, which Jane L reviewed.  Enjoyed it for what it was (HP angst and melodrama) but as usual was disgruntled by the inequity in the characters’ sexual histories — of course the wife was celibate for eight years while the husband went on his merry way after a Big Misunderstanding! Actually, it wasn’t so merry and they both suffered while they were separated, I just find the way women’s sexuality is limited to The One True Love in genre romance to be frustrating.

~  Watched several hours of interviews of children today, looking for sound bites for a fundraising video.  One of the standard questions was “what do you want to do when you grow up?”  And one child answered, “be a pharmaceutical rep.”  Which made me laugh, because how many 12 year olds have that as a career goal?  But as the videographer asked questions and teased out more information from the child, it became clear that she had no idea what the job was, but had heard of it and associated it with material success — a job that would give her the big house in Florida, many cars and clothes.  And then I felt bad about laughing when I first heard the ambition.


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