Books I didn’t buy today

While wandering the aisles of Barnes & Noble today, I gathered up an arm load of books.  And then I settled down to figure out which I’d be taking home.  The candidates were:

Aftermath by Ann Aguirre, the next installment in the Sirantha Jax science fiction/adventure series.  This series is hit or miss for me (I prefer her Corinne Solomon urban fantasy series) but I hadn’t realized that the new Jax book was out in late August.

Persuasion by Jane Austen — yes, I own several copies already but this is the new annotated edition edited by Robert Morrison from Belknap Press of HUP.  As an object, it is gorgeous, comparable to the beautiful annotated edition of Pride & Prejudice put out last year.  My other annotated copies (a Norton edition from the 90s and last year’s annotated edition from David M. Shapard) are good but aren’t nearly as attractive.  There’s a Kindle edition and normally I’d choose Kindle over paper, but in this case since most of the appeal is in the object.

And a couple of books over on the same shelf was The Deception at Lyme: Or, The Peril of Persuasion, a Mr & Mrs. Darcy mystery by Carrie Bebris.  The blurb indicated that Anne and Wentworth would be characters, which would be the draw for me — I read the first couple of Bebris’s mysteries but didn’t feel inclined to continue with the series.

City of Veils by Zoe Ferraris.  Mystery set in Saudi Arabia, narrated in part by a female forensic scientist.  How many forensic mystery series can there be?  I don’t know but the hook on this one (setting and accompanying social/religious rules) intrigued me.

Long Gone by Alafair Burke.  Another mystery.  AvidMysteryReader reviewed one of Burke’s earlier books, which I read subsequently and enjoyed.  Haven’t circled back to try more yet.  Will get to it eventually.

I saw the new October anthology led by JD Robb is out, but didn’t feel the urge to pick it up.  And one of my favorite HP authors, Michelle Reid, has a new one out this month but I remember Jane saying that she wasn’t impressed with this one so I left it on the shelf.

After an hour of browsing and reading the first chapters, I ended up buying…three greeting cards and a Moleskine city map/travel notebook, not a single one of the books listed above.  Instead I reshelved them all.  Persuasion tempted me, but I couldn’t justify $35  for a book I’ve read dozens of times, no matter how pretty the edition or insightful the notes.  (Also, it would be a good thing to put on my holiday gift list, which my mother always solicits.)  And City of Veils looks very good, but I want to start with the first book of the series, Finding Nouf, which B&N did not have in stock.

On the brighter side for publishers, several books I pre-ordered have downloaded or should download tonight, including one HP, the self-pub’d fantasy rom by Ilona Andrews, and the new Josh Lanyon from Samhain.  I’ve also got e-editions of two more Harry Hole books to read.

I have no excuse for my current reading slump, and next time I whine about lack of reading material online, someone should give me a cyber-headslap and remind me of this post.



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3 responses to “Books I didn’t buy today

  1. Oh, a new Josh Lanyon! I was just grumbling about not having anything intriguing to read.

  2. I didn’t know you read and enjoyed Angel’s Tip. I never read her follow-up or her latest standalone either. No plans to for the time being.

    • I read Angel’s Tip and Dead Connection. Liked Dead Connection better than Angel’s Tip according to my notes at LibraryThing, but I’ve forgotten the details of why by now.

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