Reader ennui

Jessewave has a great post today about reader saturation in m/m romance.  I haven’t commented because I have nothing constructive to add, other than perhaps a +1.  Poor editing, lack of plot, sex that serves no purpose, shallow world building, all of it is stuff that I’ve complained about here or offline.

More than one comment responds that Wave’s saturation is essentially her own fault, that familiarity breeds contempt.  And while I do believe that reading too much in one genre may lead to a feeling of sameness from a reader, that’s not really what Wave is writing about or what fuels my frustration as a reader of m/m romance.

As a long time reader of the romance genre, I’m familiar with sub-genre glut:  there’s a reason I haven’t read a paranormal romance with vampires of any sort in more than a year — they were played out for me, and taking a break was the best thing I could do.  That isn’t what I’m feeling with m/m romance.  My frustrations aren’t with the band-wagoning and sudden expansion of the market place; as a consumer, that’s a good thing for me.  My frustrations are byproducts of those things, though, as publishers rush incomplete works into e-print in order to capitalize on the relatively recent popularity of the sub-genre, and as authors of het romance decide to graft m/m onto their m/f manuscripts without really adjusting any of the dynamics (gender, social, political, etc.).





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3 responses to “Reader ennui

  1. I’ve been trying to write a post about this and failing. You said what I wanted to say beautifully. So, what you said.

    I’m getting really frustrated in m/m. I’ll still keep reading, but I am becoming even more selective and known-author-focused.

    • Same here. The DNFs by new-to-me authors greatly outnumber the DNFs by authors I’m familiar with, and it’s discouraging. I *want* there to be new authors and new voices but am leery of spending $7-$9 each on duds that I can’t exchange at the UBS or pass along via PBS.

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