Nora Roberts Bobblehead

It has recently come to my attention via @SmartBitches Sarah that there is a certain level of demand for the Nora Roberts Bobblehead, which was produced in limited quantities as a promotional item for the Hagerstown Suns in 2007.  See photo here at SBTB, and my post about the game as provenance for the Bobble-Nora.

Sadly, I have pack rat tendencies — it’s genetic.  And a small house.  So I go through closets and shelves fairly ruthlessly once a year, and keep an open box for Good Will donations year round.  And my Nora Bobblehead recently was considered for donation.

But in light of the demand for the Nora Bobblehead, and with a desire that she go to a good home (defined as someone who loves romance novels generally and probably Nora Roberts’ work particularly), I’d like to give her away.

So comment here at WordPress or at LiveJournal or Tweet me (@jmc_bks) your favorite Nora Roberts or JD Robb book, or just what you admire or like about Ms. Roberts, and I’ll put your name in a drawing for the Bobble-Nora.

The contest will close at midnight Sunday, and the new happy home will be announced on Monday.


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4 responses to “Nora Roberts Bobblehead

  1. The first J.D. Robb book, Naked in Death is what really brought me to the Nora side. The characters were just so well written and such a great start to a wonderful series that’s only gotten better over time.

  2. Ann

    Naked in Death would be my favorite because it started years of enjoyable reading. I love that series. The first In Death I read was a novella and I was just too confused by the characters and it was so bloody and violent for a Christmas story. Later, a co-worker gave me Naked in Death and I read, enjoyed and couldn’t wait to read more.

  3. library addict

    Choosing just one book of hers is hard as I love many of them, but for today I will say…Memory in Death.

  4. Michelle G.

    I have a handful of JD Robb books that I pick up and re-read frequently but my favorite probably has to be Portrait in Death. I love learning more of Roarke’s backstory. Or Conspiracy in Death. When they take her badge, I swear I get teary every time.

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