My new favorite bag

I have a ridiculous penchant for bags.  Not perfectly crafted, Italian leather handbags, but totes, shoulder bags, messenger bags.  Why back when I had the perfect bag, but it was in my car when it was stolen and was tossed in the nearest dumpster by the thief, along with my favorite slingback sandals and a bunch of language resource materials that I’d left in the trunk.  I’ve been looking for the equivalent ever since, with no success.  Yet I keep buying bags.

Ended up buying a large messenger bag after admiring one at the beach a couple of weeks ago.

It has a little outside pocket where you can put little stuff that you need close at hand, and a zip at the top so you can reach in without unlatching the front hook.  A skinny front pocket, large middle pocket with mesh zipped section, and a back pocket.  It fits everything.  Including a laptop, sweater, Kindle, redweld, wallet, etc.  It’s actually a good size for a carry on bag, and can fit enough to be used as a weekend get-away bag.

Love it.


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