How much time is invested

I spent several hours poking around WordPress and playing with this template last night and this morning.  I still haven’t figured out how to customize much, and I’ll probably be changing the photo at the header (Avila, Spain).  I’m thinking that I probably have enough time invested in it to actually use it regularly, despite my comfort with LiveJournal (when it’s working).  LJ’s communities and fandom make it worth keeping an account there, so I won’t be deleting that account.  Who knows, I may end up letting this one wither like my old blogspot blog.




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3 responses to “How much time is invested

  1. Hope you keep the WordPress blog. I’ve subscribed just in case.

  2. I like WP so far, so I’ll probably keep it. LJ is paid through November, so I’ll probably do mirror posts until then, and then let LJ lapse to an unpaid account or delete it then.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to get comments imported on the old posts. My dashboard tells me they’ve been imported, but I can’t see them on the posts.

    I’m finally reading The Redeemer — really enjoying it, trying to see how everything fits together. Long book or so it seems since I’ve got it in paper and it weighs a ton, but it’s a very fast read.

  3. So glad you’re enjoying The Redeemer! I re-read it (rarely reread anything) and still think it’s his best book to date.

    When I transferred my old blog to WP, WordPress support helped me export everything over including comments. You should email them.

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