Just in case

Since LJ’s been having such problems, I’ve created a back up blog of sorts over at WordPress.  Not all the posts are backed up yet, and I think the comments won’t migrate.  I’m not deleting this blog, just trying to make sure I don’t lose everything or lack access the next time LJ is all wonky.



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3 responses to “Just in case

  1. According to , they’re getting some equipment upgrades soon, so the chances of a meltdown on this scale again are “pretty rare.” We’ll see.

    I actually wanted to comment on your M/M book post the other day, but it wouldn’t let me. Now, if only I could remember what I wanted to say…!

  2. Maybe you’ll remember later? šŸ™‚

    I am somewhat hesitant to believe lj maintenance, since the meltdown was extended.

  3. Anonymous

    not that it has anything to do with the topic, but I noticed that Hello Kitty Must Die is now a freebie over at Kindle. So you can send it to your best friends.
    No SBD this week, eh? Me neither.
    Kate R

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